How Much Will A Security Camera Cost?

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The cost of your security camera depends on what kind of camera you get. It also makes a difference which type of system you use with it. A camera will not do you much good unless you have some sort of receiver to view the images. Therefore, you are not just looking for a camera; you are looking for a package of products.

If you have the basic set-up to view the images and are just looking for a camera, you can buy just the security cameras. Also, you may want to buy the cameras separately to individualize your camera system. The cameras themselves can be inexpensive or very costly, depending on what you get.

Bullet Security Cameras

There are very basic bullet cameras with infrared capabilities on the market for around $60. A camera such as this will serve the basic functions you need it for in many instances. The resolution is likely to be very low, possibly just above 320, which is the lowest resolution available on security cameras. The infrared will probably have fewer LEDs than more expensive models, too.

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A more high-end bullet camera will have more features. It will have higher resolution – 480 lines or higher. It may be completely weatherproof.

It could have special lens features such as varifocal lens. Low light sensitivity will probably be a feature even when the infrared is not in use. A LUX of 1 is common. Such a camera is likely to cost over $400.

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Dome Security Cameras

You can get a simple dome camera for under $40. A camera like this has a relatively low resolution, yet it is a fairly good camera overall. The problem is that it is strictly an indoor camera, and it is not particularly unnoticeable or decorative. To get a weatherproof dome camera without much higher resolution, you have to pay over $200.

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IP Security Cameras

IP cameras for viewing your video over the internet or PDA are much pricier. They cost several hundred dollars. One of the least expensive IP cameras might still have PTZ capabilities. Auto-adjust is a common feature. Many have embedded software so that the camera is ready to use with internet applications. A camera like this would probably cost over $300. However, with a few more features, IP cameras can cost as much as $800 or more.

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Wireless Security Cameras

For about $500, you can buy an upscale wireless indoor camera. A camera like this will have hand-held monitor. You can take video recordings and take them with you on your handheld monitor. It might have DVR and infrared capabilities. However, for about $100, you can get a small pinhole security camera that will work just fine for most of your residential indoor uses.

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Dummy Security Cameras

Dummy cameras are popular for a reason: they are cheaper than most real security cameras. They are made to look like specific types of cameras, such as bullet cameras or dome cameras. They even have blinking lights and other features that make them appear more authentic.

Dummy cameras cost between $15 and $70 most of the time. Some of the cheaper ones have a battery operated blinking light, while the more expensive ones may have AC going to the light. They might also have more authentic-looking housings.

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