Wired Or Wireless Camera – Which Is The Best?

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With the advanced state of modern technology, one would think that wireless cameras would be the best. After all, anything that can do away with the need for sometimes bulky and unsightly wiring should be used whenever possible, right? Actually, there are many reasons why wired cameras are sometimes the best choice.

Wired cameras offer a secure line that cannot be tapped into easily. If you use a wireless camera, anyone can pick up your signal with cheap and low-tech devices. This is especially a problem if you have the wireless cameras installed inside your business or home. In that case, you give criminals a chance to see what is inside your home and make specific plans on how to break in and steal from you. In old movies, they used to call it “casing the joint.”

With wired cameras, you know upfront what the wiring requirements are. With so-called wireless cameras, it is very likely that you will still need wiring run out from the camera to the DVR or PC. What is more, the cameras that are truly wireless are hard on batteries. If you use the camera normally, the batteries might only last four hours or less. Imagine your dismay if a stranger comes lurking onto your property and your security camera’s batteries are run down!

People who use wired cameras are not affected by the bothers of operating on a crowded frequency. Wireless cameras use the most popular frequencies that are used for all household technological devices. Your cordless phone and your wireless internet connection, for example, often run on the 1.2 Ghz or 2.4 Ghz that is used by wireless cameras.

This overlapping of signals can cause major interference. It is not just that your other appliances may not work properly. The cut off phone conversations are only a part of the problem. It is also that the picture produced by the wireless camera will be distorted or have other visual defects like static and rolling picture.

In fact, wireless security cameras can be affected by all kinds of devices that are not even set to run on their specific frequency. It used to be that televisions were affected this way. If you were using the mixer, sound and static from it would come over the television. Then television transmissions were improved with cable or satellite TV so that this became less of a problem.

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Now, wireless cameras pick up “noise” or signal interference from all kinds of household appliances and fixtures. Refrigerators, air conditioners and fluorescent lights are all examples of electronic devices that can cause noise in the picture. The affects are just like with overlapping signals.

Distorted pictures, rolling or lined images, and static all change the image you will see on your screen.

Wireless cameras are fine for limited types of uses, such as nanny cams, or checking up on the behavior of cleaning employees, for example.

They will give a general picture of what is going on in a limited area. They can also be used with motion detectors to make you aware of unexpected visitors. However, they are not much good in places where you might have to identify people you are unfamiliar with. The details are just not there.

Remote Viewing

You do not need to be at home to see what is on your security camera. The technology exists for you to access and view the video images your camera captures no matter where in the world you are. This is great for people on the move. Whether you are traveling the world, or just occupied around your city, you can keep track of things without going home.

There are several variations of this type of system. Some will allow you to do remote viewing through a web browser. Some will give you software to use on your personal computer to look at the recordings. Others allow you to see the images on your PDA or cell phone. Your camera can keep working for you even when you are away.

You start by choosing a PC and DVR-card or a Standalone DVR system that will capture and record the images from your security camera. If you use a DVR-card system, you will need a PC devoted solely to it, because it takes both components to do the job. If you do not have a PC you can use this way and you do not want to buy another one for this purpose, a Standalone system works well.

However, the Standalone systems do not have the broad capabilities of a PC and DVR-card. PC systems allow you to do remote viewing with a high degree of resolution. They often allow you to access the recording controls from your remote location. They may even send you alerts when a motion-detector is set off at a time you have specified there should be no motion.

If you are going to go through a web browser to view your cameras, you can use virtually any PC with internet hookup on the planet. Simply pull up your browser. You type in the address of your own personal device, whether it is a Standalone model or a PC with DVR-card. You will undoubtedly be asked for a password before proceeding.

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Some companies that offer remote viewing through security camera systems also offer a type of software for more flexibility. You carry the software with you and download it onto the computer you will be using. The computer uses the software to allow you special features such as viewing video that has been prerecorded.

It is possible to use a PDA cell phone in much the same way. The connection from your security camera to your cell phone is safe. On this secure line, you can view your cameras, and may even be able to view prerecorded footage, depending on the system. You might also have the option of controlling your camera through the PDA.

With all these resources available, you should be able to monitor your home effectively at any time, from anywhere. If you have to take a trip to London or Japan, you can be assured that your house is just the way you left it. There will be no need to sit around and worry – you can check it out for yourself.

Any time you see something going on that is suspicious, you can notify someone. For instance, if you see someone trying to break into your home, you can call the police immediately. You might avert the loss of your belongings, and maybe even your home.

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